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Dec 10, 2008 at 02:58 PM

creating a production order for a semi finished product



I am having a multi level bom scenario over here.

one of the bom components of the header material is a semi finished product.

I am using the planing stratagy 40 for that material.

in standard sap when i create a production order for header material. the requirement gets transerd to all the components. if the components are not available then only a requirement is placed. when i run MRP that requirement gets converted in to a planned order. which converts in to a purchase req or a production order,

well for my semi finished product. its a Work in process item. there wont be any stock for that item in the storage location any time.

what my requirement is. when i create a production order for my finished product it should automatically create a production order for the semi finished product.

is this possible with some configuration settings.