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Dec 10, 2008 at 10:48 AM

Transport VC Application


Hi BI Gurus,

I encounter a problem regarding transports for a VC application : I cannot preview the transported iveiw since the model seems as if it hasn't been transported at all to the target system.

Here are more details on the context related to my problem :

First, I created and deployed the VC application with the following options

(PAR name prefix : com.mycom.myProduct with the "deploy model with par" box checked)

Then I created a transport package with a prefix "my Client Company's name".

I collected the objects of the VC application node and then exported from the devpt system and imported it into the production system.

Upon verification, all objects were transported and visible in the target system. The problem is that I get a "portal exception 04:57_09/12/08_0011_16082450" error when I launch the Iview from the VC folder in the target system.

In the target system, I see the transported Iview in the "portal content"', but when I open the VC platform, I cannot find the application in the "existing models" section.

Thank you very much for your future help, and as always, points will be awarded for any help provided.

Zouhair AYOUB