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Dec 10, 2008 at 10:14 AM

JDBC receiver adapter !


Hi Experts,

I was working on a existing adapter scenerio from SDN

I am getting the following error !

Message processing failed. Cause: Error when attempting to get processing resources: Unable to create new pooled resource: DriverManagerException: Cannot establish connection to URL 'jdbc:Microsoft:sqlserver://XXX.XX.XX.XX:1433;DatabaseName= XXXXXXXXXX':

Also I have another doubt.

Though I have made receiver data types, for the JDBC adapter, I donnow what will be the nature of the empty table in SQL server. I mean the blog does not clearly say, where will this table be in SQL that will be updated with data from XI, and what will be the name of the table and how will it automatically populate SPECIFICALLY that peticular table, I mean is there no codings/ settings required at the SQL server side to populate the specific table in SQL server! .

Comments Pls