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Dec 10, 2008 at 06:05 AM

XI : Party configuration


Hi all,

I am configuring a scenario using IDOCS. I'm using program RSEINB00 to read my flat file and transfert it to the proper scenario. It works fine. The problem I have is I am receiving other idocs with different partner numbers with same scheme and I can't add them to my party because the scheme is the same.

Exemple A: 1 Idoc

Agency Scheme Name

TEST1 ALE#LI#LF 123 <--- works fine

Exemple B : 2 Idoc


TEST1 ALE#LI#LF 456 <---- cant add to party TEST1

Do I need to create a new party so I can process a different partner using the same scheme for the same scenario? Is there way to make it generic (not specifie the partner) so every time it sees ALE#LI#LF it sends it to my scenario?

I forgot to mention i'm on XI 3.0 patch 14