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Dec 10, 2008 at 12:49 AM

Subreport links get lost when copying report from one db to another...


We often have to copy our crystal reports from one site to another with each site having a database identical in structure to the other. The problem is each time we copy the reports across we have to do a verify database. When we do so, we get prompted for each parameter used by the subreport links although they still exist and appear to still be linking correctly to the parent report. We are then forced to remove all the subreport links and then add them back in again before re-verifying database in order to get it to work again. This becomes a major problem and nuisance when you have 5 or 6 subreports each having 5 - 10 subreport parameters. We find were losing alot of time that we avoid copying our reports across sites. Instead we are forced to duplicate changes made to one manually into the other report so that much of our Crystal report development work has to be manually duplicated.

I would be surprised if by now nothing was done to correct this serious issue as I'm sure many other companies would have faced this problem with subreport links being so fragile and easily getting corrupted even when the datasource structure has not changed at all!

We happen to be using Crystal Reports version

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.