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Dec 09, 2008 at 09:40 PM

Object Size and Position values not being retained



I'm trying to set the size and position of a picture object in a report. This logo, should appear on the top right corner of the report.

The margins of the report are Left - .79 in, Right - 0.79 in, Top - 0.79 in and Bottom - 0.39 in.

The size of the picture object should be 1.574 x 0.79 inches.

I have ensured that File -> Page Setup -> dimensions are in INCHES.

I right click the logo and select 'Size and Position'.

I set 'Y' (distance between top of object and top margin) = 0. This is to perfectly align the object with the top margin.

Now, i set the height of the object = 0.79 inches. Ok the dialog and close.

The strange thing happening is, when i re-open the size and position dialog, i see that the values i set are not being retained.

0.79 becomes 0.810


0 become -0.010.

What am i doing wrong here? How can i make sure the values i specify in the size and position dialog are retained.