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Dec 09, 2008 at 09:25 PM

Intermittent Response from both CMC and Info View - Mostly Down


Hi there,

We are using XI R1 (version A user came to me this morning and said that she could not access Info View, I checked my Info View and I was able to sign in just fine and so were several other people.

We use AD authentication so I went down to her desk and when she tries to sign on it just seems to sit there doing nothing and then after a couple of minutes she gets the following error...

"An error has occurred: An unknown error has occurred"

I told her to reboot and didn't think much more of it until 5 minutes later another user starts having the same problem. Now I check my sign on again and it's happening to me. Sometimes when I re-fresh and try and sign on it lets me but most often it does not. If I do actually manage to sign on I can click a few folders, check a few things then it hangs again.

It's like a service is mostly down but comes up every once and a while. All of our services are installed on the same server. Event Viewer does not have any major issues to speak of so I'm wondering how I can trouble shoot this one. I'm in the process of getting the server rebooted which may fix the problem but I'd love to know if there is anything else I can check for a more detailed error message.

Kind regards,