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Dec 09, 2008 at 09:06 PM

NW 7.1 PI Post-Installation configuration - error connecting to SLD host



I've installed NW 7.1 with PI usage and performed post-installation steps for SLD and NW using the Deploy and Change section of NWA. Now I'm trying to perform the PI post-installation. On the step "7 Add Installed Product2" I've got the following error:

Element 'SAPConfigLib.SP2.Unclassified.addInstalledProduct':!BrokerImport.import_of_element_failed!!BrokerImport.Fehler! <--Localization failed: ResourceBundle='', ID='', Arguments: []--> : Can't find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key!BrokerImport.LINE!

Element 'SAPConfigLib.SP2.Unclassified.addInstalledProduct':Error during executing Java Reflection:IO error: *Unable to open connection to host "win03-sap:1234". The host is down or unavailable..*


SP2 - SAP System ID

win03-sap - SAP Host (the same computer)

1234 - SLD port specified during installation

I have checked the following things:

- Firewall is off completely

- SLD Server is running (checked in Web-based console http://host:port/sld

- Using the transaction code "sldapicust" checked that host and port are maintained by SLD

Question: anyone knows what the problem is and how to fix it? Any suggestions are very appreciated.

System parameters:

- OS: Win 2003 Server 32-bit

- NW: NW 7.1 PI usage

- Central Instance

- DB: MS SQL Server 2005