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Dec 09, 2008 at 09:11 PM

DC Runtime Error


Hi all.

I have the following:

1. A WDP DC 'X' that only contains Java classes as util library. This DC has the packages that contains the Java classes into its public part.

2. Another WDP DC 'Y' has the 'X' DC as used DC into its metadata (Build Time and Run Time are checked).

3. A Context attribute of the DC 'Y' has as a type a Java class defined into DC 'X'.

4. The DC 'Y' has an application.

5. The building of this DCs was ok.

6. The deployment of this DCs was ok.

7. Running the app of DC 'Y', occurs an error: the DC 'Y' doesnt recognize the java class defined into DC 'X': type java:package.DC.X.Type not found

I dont know, what am i doing wrong. What do i have to do?