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Dec 09, 2008 at 08:12 PM

Create a new session when calling a new/different transaction


Hello Everyone,

I have a dialog program in which I have a button that calls a different transaction. I would like for this transaction to open in a new session. This can be easily done (and there are several posts on this) with FM's TH_CREATE_MODE or ABAP4_CALL_TRANSACTION. Additionaly it can be done by remote enabling a custom FM and have the transaction call within your custom FM.

My issue is that I want to pass the transaction a table so that it fills a select-options table at the selection screen. Then of course I want to skip the selection screen and execute the transaction. I can pass data if the selection field is a parameter field, but I need to pass the new transaction a table so that a select-options field can be filled. Does anyone know how to do this and could recommend a proper approach?

Best Regards,