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Dec 09, 2008 at 06:11 PM

Additive Cost Estimate Report


Hi Gurus ,

We need a additive cost estimate Report that would show the Material,Plant, additive cost (in dollars NOT "x" as shown in KEKO or KEPH table).

for the above I tried a simple Querry with MARC-KEKO-KEPH (didn't conside MBEW-MARA) , in SQ01 But the end resul is same as KEKO table Just Showing the "x" mark,

Users can not go for individual validation after doing a Mass upload of CK76N using LSMW so would like to see a detailed report with Dollar amount and comare it with their Books.

I searched SDN for this kind of report But no useful information,

Your Help Greately Appreciated,

Note: please don't say Use, KEKO, KEPH tables,Thank you ,