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Dec 09, 2008 at 05:20 PM

Customizing file export dialog box


I want to get ride of the option to save a report as an RPT file. Spelunking through docs and forums suggests this is not possible through "normal/documented" needs. So I'm trying to brute force it through code modification. It appears as though the select box containing the export items is generated from a JavaScript function called getFormatDropdownList(). I see that function in five different instances of a file called export.js:

[bob@yaris webapps]$ grep -R getFormatDropdownList *
businessobjects/enterprise115/adhoc/crystalreportviewers115/js/export.js:function getFormatDropdownList() {
businessobjects/enterprise115/adhoc/crystalreportviewers115/js/export.js:               getFormatDropdownList() +
businessobjects/enterprise115/desktoplaunch/viewers/crystalreportviewers115/js/export.js:function getFormatDropdownList() {
businessobjects/enterprise115/desktoplaunch/viewers/crystalreportviewers115/js/export.js:               getFormatDropdownList() +
businessobjects/enterprise115/adminlaunch/crystalreportviewers115/js/export.js:function getFormatDropdownList() {
businessobjects/enterprise115/adminlaunch/crystalreportviewers115/js/export.js:         getFormatDropdownList() +
businessobjects/viewers/crystalreportviewers115/js/export.js:function getFormatDropdownList() {
businessobjects/viewers/crystalreportviewers115/js/export.js:           getFormatDropdownList() +
jsfplatform/crystalreportviewers115/js/export.js:function getFormatDropdownList() {
jsfplatform/crystalreportviewers115/js/export.js:               getFormatDropdownList() +
[bob@yaris webapps]$

I've edit each one of these files to try and get rid of the option to save the report as an RPT:

//              if( rpt )
//              {
//                      list += "<OPTION value=\"CrystalReports\">" + L_CrystalRptFormat + "</OPTION>";
//              }
//              else
//              {
//                      list += "<OPTION value=\"\">" + L_Formats + "</OPTION>";
//              }

But doing so doesn't change the contents of the export select list. Does anyone know how that Select list is populated so I can remove the option for saving the report as an RPT?