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Dec 09, 2008 at 04:33 PM

LI21 error messages



I would like to explain the problem we have on LI21 with a lot of materials.

If we check the actual stock on MMBE transaction we have 0 units, this is fine.

Now, we have done the inventory for this material. When we make the LI21 transaction, for posting in Inventory Management the system provides this errors:

Deficit of SL Unrestricted-use 3 ST : 3006827 RC10 R040

Message no. M7021

1 quants were cleared, 1 of them with errors

Message no. L4170

I know that problem is that we don't have enough stock for posting this document, if we had more stock than the quantity to post, no message will obtain.

But, I don't understand why is happening this.

If we check LS26 stock transaction:

911 GI area for cost center

RC10 R040 3- 0 0

Total 911

3- 0 0

999 Differences

RC10 R040 3 0 0

Total 999

3 0 0


0 0 0

System says that we have -3 unit in 911 storage type and 3 unit on 999 storage type (standard configuration for posting quantities).

911 storage type, is posted when you make a 201 movement (GI to cost center). This automatically create a transfer requirement number.

My question is, why if on MMBE transaction we have 0 stock and on inventory the count is too zero, when we are executing LI21 transaction system provides a line to posting with 3 units.

Sl StorageBin Material Plnt SLoc Available stock BUn Batch S S Special Stock Number GR Date In

0000000021 3006827 RC10 R040 3 ST 09.07.2007

and later provides the errors comented before.

I have checked the LS23, display quants, and we have 3 units of this quants, and my assuptions is the really problem is the quants.

How can I post the difference, of the way to delete the quants without impact in other WM or Im process.

I hope I have explained fine.

Thanks in advance