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Nov 06, 2016 at 05:32 PM

How can i hide a button clicking on the same button and showing an hidden chart or container?


I wold like to use javascript for showing and hiding clicking by a button menu.

in the "on click" section of the button i wrote different kind of code:

the "getelementbyid" to get the buttonid and the "style.duspaly = 'none' for changing visibility but with no outcomes.

When i run the app and i clic on the button nothing happens. I checked on firebug and i do not get any warning or error.

What can i do?

example code commented:

//var el = document.getElementById('BUTTON_DISTRIBUTION_button');
// Hide
//var id = document.getElementById('__layout20');
// = 'none';

//id.onClick(" = 'none'");

// = 'none';