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Dec 09, 2008 at 02:11 PM

PLM - Recipe Management


I am very new to Recipe Management. I see that RMWB is the transaction for display of the Recipe.

1. Is there any transaction for creation of the recipe.

2. I am also working on the other requirement - where Users need the ability to push a button on the Input/Output screen of the Formula on a Recipe and have the Inputs of the formula copied to the Exact Composition of the Output Substance and converted from kilograms to percentage if entered that way.

Go to Transaction RMWB

Open a Recipe

Under Detailed Structure, double click the Dependent Formula to open the Formula for the recipe

Click the Input and Output tab

When the u201CTransfer to Spec of Pr. Outputu201D button is clicked, copy the u201CInputsu201D tabu2019s contents to the u201CExact Composition based upon Productsu201D area on the Output Substance and convert kilograms to %.

To get to the Output Substance u2013

Double click the substance number on the output substance.

Expand the Composition property tree on the bottom left.

Double click the u201CExact Composition based upon Productsu201D

This is what should be populated with the contents of the Pure Compositionu2019s tab on the Formula.

Currently the same button on the Pure Composition tab on the Recipeu2019s Formula does the correct coding for this, only it goes to the Standard Composition instead copying the pure composition to the standard composition (however, no conversion is done on this tab whereas it would be needed on the Input and Output tab).

The function module for the Pure Composition tabu2019s button is the following:


The function module for the IO tabu2019s button is the following:FRML565_WRITE_IO_DATA_TO_EHS

Please let me how do I modify the above function module.