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Dec 09, 2008 at 01:07 PM

BDC question - in relation to transaction MB50


Hello friends,

I am trying to run a BDC which is supposed to fill the screen of trx MB50.

The screen for this transaction has a header part and a detail part. 10 lines max.

I used SHDB, entered some bogus data and generated a BDC program.

I've tried to simulate a situation where there is a need to page twice in order to input data in the detail section.

However here is what happens when I try to run the program with some real data of 12 lines:

1) The first screen fills properly. i.e. 10 lines.

2) On the second screen, the remaining 2 line are inserted BUT here is the catch, the other lines are not empty! even if I set other rows to blank via the program. That is to say, the information from first screen remains on the second screen!

Any idea as to how clear subsequent screens via BDC before attempting any data creation?

Your help is greatly appreciated.