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Dec 09, 2008 at 11:14 AM

Closing a webdynpro application, should call a portal page


Hi All,

I have a requirement in which, after a webdynpro application is closed in portal, the portal should show the workset content from which the webdynpro application is triggered.

For example,

Wedynpro application Created is ZWDA1.

Two iviews are created in portal which refers to the webdynpro application ZWDA1, the portal Iview names are ZPORTAL_IVIEW1, ZPORTAL_IVIEW2.

Two worksets ZWORKSET1 & ZWORKSET2 are created in portal which refers to Iview ZPORTAL_IVEW1 and ZPORTAL_IVEW2 respectively.

Two roles ZROLE1 & ZROLES2 are created in portal which refers to workset ZWORKSET1 & ZWORKSET2 resepectively. These two roles are assigned to users ZUSER1 and ZUSER2, when these user logs into portal they will see the content of the workset ZWORKSET1 & ZWORKSET2 respectively.

Assuming ZUSER1 and ZUSER2 invokes the portal ivew ZPORTAL_IVEW1 & ZPORTAL_IVEW2, the underlying webdynpro application called is same. So in the webdynpro application only I need to write the code to close the application and call the workset ZWORKSET1 for ZUSER1 and workset ZWORKSET2 FOR ZUSER2. This differentiation I am not able to indentify in webdynpro application, I thought of using relative navigation.

Any suggestion to achieve this functionality is greatly appreciatable


H.K.Hayath Basha.