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Dec 09, 2008 at 10:56 AM

Handling unit management - reporting - basic questions


Dear All,

I'd like to get clear answers for these questions, please help if you can...:

1. Packaging material - packed and free qty

We put the goods onto pallets and we would like to solve this trough HU. Is there any report that shows how many of the paletts can be used for packing and how many of them are already packed in HU?

(e.g. we have 100 pallets and on 20 pcs there are goods and 80 pcs can be used for putting goods onto them).

(I tried HUMO but it is not for this purpose)

2. FG - packed qty and not packed qty

If I pack FG and I give the destination SLoc in HU02 the goods will be posted to the partner SLoc. Based on this (SLoc) I can see how many of the goods are packed and not packed into HU.

The problem is that I can pack goods w/o sending them to the partner SLoc.


What is the difference between HU in normal and in the HUM-SLoc?

How can I report the number of goods that are packed (that are in HU) and that are not packed?

Please understand that these should be able to be reported very easily not using several separate reports.

Thanks in advance,


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