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Dec 09, 2008 at 09:16 AM

Output for GR


Hi All,

I had out put type WE01 setup for GR output in oiur system. But for a new roll out we wanted to have a copy of the form attached to output type WE03. So I deleted the condition records for WE01 and maintained condn records for WE03. But the system is not picking WE03 output type when I try to output the GR.

Infact I try to have an output now for GR I get an update terminate error i.e. when I post the GR it gets posted and I get a msg at the screen bottom that matrl document XXXXXXXXXX posted, but when I try to display this document I get an error as

Express document "Update was terminated" received from author "XYZ"

When I go to the inbox from here the following error msg is displayed

Update was terminated

System ID.... RPT

Client....... 070

User..... SEVISAL

Transaction.. MIGO

Update key... 493AC694513900EBE10080008AE3B896

Generated.... 09.12.2008, 10:14:19

Completed.... 09.12.2008, 10:14:19

Error Info... TD 427: Element WE3KOPF

What could be the reason?

Any leads would be appreciated and rewarded.