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Dec 09, 2008 at 07:50 AM

Personnel Admin


Hello Experts,

I have few Questions and need your help.....

1) Since Personnel area is unique to every company code so can 2 company codes can have same personal subarea?

2) I am working on IDES and trying to assign roles,

on IDES when i choose other menu and select a menu, the menu tree is as per the new role however when i open another session it opens SAP menu and not the newly assigned role there a way that every time I logon to sap system only the menu screen opens and not sap can I do that?

3) If i assign a currency to my Company code and one pf the personnel area assigned to this company code has to have a differnt currency, how can I take care of that?

4) Client is defined as the independent legal and organisational unit of the system( for example group) as per definition in HR305, so this means Client is a company like TATA and TCS and Tata Motors are company codes, or is it that Clients are DEV, Prod or QAS - if yes then how can they be independent legal and organisational unit of the system

kindly explain

Thanks & Regards