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Partial Settlement in S/4 HANA

Hi Gurus,

The requirement is to create a partial settlement towards the end of each month. Periodically.

Could anyone share some insight into how partial settlements are made in condition contract?

Thanks in advance.


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  • I'm not an expert on this but you might want to include much more information to get an answer. E.g. why is this question specific to S/4HANA? Was this not working in ECC? What is the business scenario and why is this a requirement?

    See this blog on how to post better questions.

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1 Answer

  • May 22, 2018 at 02:25 PM

    Google -> "S/4HANA settlement management" finds this blog that seems to be very thorough and has link to SAP Help and other sources. With regards to partial settlement, the blog indicates a calendar needs to be maintained. It doesn't mention any special activities in the condition (which makes sense to me).

    There are other links found by Google as well. Please do some research and come back with more specific questions, if any. You may also try asking a follow-up question to the blog author in the comments. Or take advantage of SAP's "schedule an expert" option in Support Launchpad, if it's available for this component.

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    • Dear Jelena,

      Allow me to elaborate.

      This is specific to S/4 HANA as Rebate management in ECC has been replaced with Settlement Management in S/4 HANA. Also, the client has an S/4 HANA system environment and he would like to use Settlement Management to settle Rebates to Customers.

      Business Scenario:

      My client requires that rebates be settled towards the end of each month periodically i.e at the end of each month (eg: 31.05.2018) every year.


      I would like to know how i can map this requirement in the Condition contract document (Tcode: WCOCO) and what are the subsequent steps i need to take to settle the rebate.

      Any leads on this will be of much help as i am not able to find much about partial settlements on the forum.

      Thanks in advance.