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Dec 09, 2008 at 07:15 AM

ftp file transfer problem



I have 2 scenarios file 2 RFC using FTP and file 2 mail. every file for each RFC or mail has different name. (the files are XML).

in the ftp sender in the name of the file I write the begining of the file name,(for exampel cost.xml, ship.xml, etc.). the reason that I write * is becuase at the end of the name there is an add of the date and time, so it is different for each one.

the thing is that in the same ftp directory I have both the files and it seems that it doesnt always collect the correct data. (for example if I run scenario A, it will collect the file for scenario B).

another thing is that in the FTP it will always collect the oldest files before it will collect the new one.

does any one know why does it happens with the files and how can I fix it? (do I have something to configure in the ftp sender).

is there a way also to deal with picking each file starting with the oldest one?