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May 21, 2018 at 06:18 AM

BAdi ECPAO_IN_EXT_PERNR_MAP Assertion Failed Error


Hi there,

We only use an external number range for employee numbers in ERP. I have set up replication which works for updating employees in EC which already exist in ERP. However, when hiring a new employee, I get the error "Personnel number 00000000 not permitted". Note 2550459 says to solve this we must implement BAdi ECPAO_IN_EXT_PERNR_MAP. I have implemented this BAdi - for testing, the code is very simple:

pernr_external = person_id_external.

Now when replicating a new hire, I get a short dump ASSERTION_FAILED.

I assume I have not implemented the BAdi correctly - any suggestions on what I have done wrong?