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Dec 09, 2008 at 04:47 AM

How to set Fixed Point Arithmetic attribute of program RM07MLBD(Tcode MB5B)


I have used the Implicit Enhancement option for Enhancing the MB5B Tcode.

Enhancement coding is written inside the Enhancement Implimentation(Z Series)

In that coding , I am assigning Floating point value to the Decimal data object as shown below.

data: G_Pack(7) type P decimals 3.


At runtime value of W_AUSP-ATFLV is '8.3929999999999999E-01'.

After this assignment G_Pack is '0.001' instead of '0.839'.

The reason for this I found out is that in the Program(MB5B) attribute 'Fixed Point artihmetic' attribute is not set.

so how should I set this attribute for standard program RM07MLBD ?? or

Is there any way for setting this attribute through coding???.

Thanks & Regards

Jagesh Lakdawala