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Dec 09, 2008 at 04:44 AM

SLED is not changing in GR



While doing GR , SLED is not changing by system, it is taking old value..

It is showing me 24.01.2009 always, but it has to change to 17.01.2009 ..

Pl help:


Existing SLED (24.01.2009) has been changed to 17.01.2009 by the program

Message no. 12006


The system has calculated a shelf life expiration date (SLED) that is different to the SLED entered in the item.

System Response

According to the system settings, this is a warning or an error message.

If the message is a warning (W), the system allows the entry, but warns you in case the entry was unintentional.

If you confirm the message, the system copies the new SLED it just calculated to the item.

If the message is an error message (E), the entry is not allowed.


Make sure your entries are correct.

If the message is an error message, cancel the activity that recalculated the SLED (for example, changing the production date).

If you want to change the message category, choose Maintain entries or F5.