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May 19, 2018 at 07:21 PM

SAP AO - MaxNumberOfParallelThreads


We have recently upgraded BOE to 4.2 SP4 patch 7 and have configured SSO between BOE and HANA. All user have the proper INa role assign in HANA.

We are noticing that SAP AO queries in HANA are consuming all the HANA threads underload load and makes all the SAP AO reports run slow. Can someone help me understand what controls how SAP AO opens a connection to HANA how the http client is opening threads. This connection work much different from the ODBC connection where we did not see this issue.

We tried playing the the MaxNumberOfParallelThreads setting on the http connection in BOE, but this did not help. Is there a setting in one of BOE property files or in the INa configration in HANA that helps tuning how SAP AO spaws threads in HANA.

We also notice that SAP AO is using HANA's XSengine. Is there an ini setting HANA that can be tuned to control how SAP AO spawns threads in HANA for the Excel workbooks launched via the BOE launchpad?