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May 18, 2018 at 04:14 PM

Mapped attributes do not appear while BPC Model mapping


bpc-attribute-mapping-not-processed-1.jpg bpc-attribute-mapping-not-processed-2.jpg

BPC Model based on Composite Provider appears on BPC correctly. Dimensions based on Aggregation Level do not map properly. Composite Provider ZCMPRVDR is based on Virtual Provider URTCV. Aggregate Level AGL_ZCMP is created based on Composite Provider ZCMPRVDR. Source (Virtual Provider URTCV) to Target (ZCMPRVDR) mapping screenshot is maintained and attached with this question. At the BPC side we find Attributes of Dimensions are not mapped e.g. /ERP/COMPCODE, /ERP/GL_ACCT. For /ERP/CHRTACCT, Dimension Type drop down is disabled. Any help to resolve this issue will highly be appreciated.