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Item Proposal Configuration for Order Creation

Greetings. We have a situation where, when creating a Credit Memo (order type CR), it is picking up the item proposal values (unit of measure and quantity). When creating a standard order, it does NOT pick up the item proposal values. We want the Credit Memo NOT to use the item proposal. How can I turn this off? The standard order is relevant for delivery, but the credit memo is not. I have not been able to find where the proposed items are configured to affect a credit memo (any order type). Is the configuration on the Order Type level, the item category, etc.???? Thank you for your support and time.

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    Posted on Dec 09, 2008 at 04:30 AM


    Product Proposal is a sales order type which is MS order type in STD SAP inVOV8

    This will have sales doc category D

    No ranges assigned to it

    Doc pricing procedure c

    No del type

    No billining type

    Pls assign this doc first in the sales areas in which you want to use in t code OVAZ

    Then create a product proposl in which you want the materials to be added with quantities in VA51 with this order type MS

    This will generate a doc no

    This doc no you assign in your customer master records in sales area data sales tab in item proposal field

    Now when you create sales order for this customer in VA01 after inputting SP before entering materials

    Go to EDIT in menu bar ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS ---PROPOSE ITEMS or crtl+F11

    Then this dialogue box with this proposal no will appear

    Copy then it will copy all the items that you have listed in the proposal

    Coming to your case

    The system will not pick up product proposal for any customer automatically

    You have to choose manually in the sales order creation by Going to EDIT in menu bar ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS ---PROPOSE ITEMS or crtl+F11

    The reason why it is getting picked up autoamtically in credit memo request may be the in reference doc you have used item proposal or contains only the items in the product proposal So the changes pertains to those items only Hence it might be getting picked in credit memo request automatically

    In short the product proposal is a tool provided by SAP if a particular customer buys regularly a particular set of products everytime when we prepare a sales order we need not enter the products manually.It can be automatically called for by creating a product proposal order with order type MS and assigning the proposal no in his master record

    There is no special configuration for item/product proposal all at order type only MS not much at item category level

    only concept we have to understand



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