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Dec 08, 2008 at 06:24 PM

Backorder Processing with Rules-Based ATP... Possible?


Hello Experts,

We've been testing APO's batch backorder processing functionality with mixed results. It appears that the backorder processing logic is only executing basic checks (against the ordering plant) and is not executing the rules-based ATP that contains location substitution. Looking at SAP's documentation it's unclear if rules-based ATP is supported for sales orders or not...

Within backorder processing, the system selects items from SD documents and stock transfer documents depending on the filter and a sorter, and brings them into a sequence. An ATP check is then performed for the items. The basic methods (such as the product availability check or the check against product allocations) are fully supported. The rules-based availability check is only supported for stock transfer documents and the other advanced methods (such as the multilevel ATP check) u2013 with the exception of Capable-to-Promise u2013 are only supported for SD documents.

Has anyone had experience using batch backorder processing in APO along with rules-based ATP for sales orders?

Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.


David Eady

Application Delivery Team Lead

Propex, Inc.