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May 18, 2018 at 07:00 AM

Lot sizing

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I'm very new to SAP and have spent some time in SAP Help as well as the forums but haven't seen my question answered.

We manufacture complex machinery involving thousands of parts per product, as such lot-for-lot will simply mean too many orders to manage. The ideal solution is to use periodic planning (bi-weekly or monthly buckets depending on the annual usage value). My problem with this is that SAP forces the Purchasing Requisition on the first (or specific point) day of the period, any requirements after that are then ordered on the next date.

In the case of monthly bucket sizes this means that if a part is required on the second day of the period it must effectively wait a month before it is satisfied.
I do understand that there will be an exception code with a reschedule date and the order can be changed but this is unnecessary additional admin work which wastes precious time.

Ideally MRP should look at the date of the first requirement, plan the order for that date and then count the demand from that requirement for the desired period (x number of days, weeks, moths), then no rescheduling is required right off the bat.

I know of (and worked with) other ERP solutions that work this way but simply can't figure it out in SAP.

I could very well simply just be missing it. Would greatly appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.