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Report Distribution / ZIPPING

Dear all

e.g. SDS/MSDS are dispatched using SAP EHS in most cases either as "print" stream or as pdf file via eMail. The file size of such documents can be big. Especially if there is the option to dispatch "inbound" documents in the report distribution process as well. Such document can have 2 MB (topic how you create and handle the pdf fiels). If you check: discussion in "Use of WWI functionality for customer programs? | SCN" we have the option to use function module "WWI_COMPRESS_FILE" to compress (in this case final report). Using this option more files could be part of an eMail. Is there somebody who is using still this option to decrease the size of the files for eMail dispatch? The "main" reason is this: As part of report distribution process we have a "generate" and a "bundle" process. During "generate" the final report is generated. During bundling it is decided how many files can be part of one Mail. Currently if customer need to get e..g 5 SDS any pdf is a seperate document in the eMail. Therefore. do you have the feeling that it might be possible to check during bundling if it is possible to "bundle" all the pdf files in one "zip"? The issue here is: the system need to start "experiments"; in most cases it is not allowed to use one eMail bigger as 10 MB. So the system would need to check how many pdfs could be" part" of the ZIP. Which clearly decreases performance etc. But at the end we could sent more pdf in one file. At least in the generate part i would assume that it should be possible to change WWI format to pdf and then ZIP in one run. Any feedback on these ideas/questions/topics?


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  • Is their any specific table that we can check the file size from SAP EHS related tables?

    During the batch job processing, their is increase in load which is effecting the performance of the system

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4 Answers

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    Nov 10, 2016 at 02:13 PM

    Hello Christoph,

    As you wrote it is industry best practice to send PDFs. Zipping of PDFs doesn't make a lot of sense - because the created ZIPs are only a tiny bit smaller then the PDF itself (At least with the PDFs I tried). Therefore only in very rare circumstances you could fit an additional document into an Email.

    During report shipment I think the system would ZIP only single documents of an email (3 PDFs -> 3 ZIPs) and not all documents into one ZIP.

    ZIPing works good for word files or XML files (In case you send ESComXML or SDSComXML files via E-MAIL).

    Not sure what you are tying to achieve with this. In my opinion sending some x MB per day more via Mail compared to additional processing time one the SAP System (to check how many PDFs can fit in a ZIP of a certain size) doesn't is not a good ideas as SAP Processing time is farily expensive compared to some MB outbound traffic.

    Hope this helps


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  • Nov 20, 2016 at 09:02 AM

    Dear Mark

    thanks for comments. Concerns on my side coming up e.g. because of potential size of eSDS. Many companies have "rules" in place. They do not accept eMail > 10 MB and therefore we can not dispatch SDS via eMail. Therefore "ZIP" idea has been discussed. Based on your comment: may be we will get 80% reduction of size. Not bad.

    I will investigate other options here. Thanks for feedback


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    Former Member
    Mar 29, 2017 at 06:50 AM

    Dear Christoph,

    Did you make any progress on this topic?

    I'm interested because we are currently facing the issue that some of our eSDSs are to big to send to customers. We even have a few that we can currently not generate as we get the message that the files size exceeds 24.3 MB and cannot be stored in SAP DMS (we are looking into making the allowed size bigger). But even if we can store these documents in DMS, we are currently not able to send them to customers as the pdf exceeds our 10 MB limit for email distribution.

    So in case you found a good solution, I would be happy to hear about it.

    Kind regards,


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  • Mar 29, 2017 at 02:53 PM

    Dear Daisy

    because of current issues with WWI (now we have problems on WWI server with the "big" print streams (so that you can not print any more (potentially PDF files) we have not invested time here.

    It is a kind of "general" design idea which is still missing. Option 1.) might be: generated e.g. pdf file is "zipped" and therefore many zip files would be added to the eMail or that one "collect" a number of generated pdfs and try to bring them in one "zip" file. Not sure in which direction we will investigate. The first options seems to be more "stable" but we need to think about how to achieve this objective (as the ZIP must happen on WWI server some how)

    We will see what will happen.


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