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Nov 06, 2016 at 08:57 AM

Report Distribution / ZIPPING


Dear all

e.g. SDS/MSDS are dispatched using SAP EHS in most cases either as "print" stream or as pdf file via eMail. The file size of such documents can be big. Especially if there is the option to dispatch "inbound" documents in the report distribution process as well. Such document can have 2 MB (topic how you create and handle the pdf fiels). If you check: discussion in "Use of WWI functionality for customer programs? | SCN" we have the option to use function module "WWI_COMPRESS_FILE" to compress (in this case final report). Using this option more files could be part of an eMail. Is there somebody who is using still this option to decrease the size of the files for eMail dispatch? The "main" reason is this: As part of report distribution process we have a "generate" and a "bundle" process. During "generate" the final report is generated. During bundling it is decided how many files can be part of one Mail. Currently if customer need to get e..g 5 SDS any pdf is a seperate document in the eMail. Therefore. do you have the feeling that it might be possible to check during bundling if it is possible to "bundle" all the pdf files in one "zip"? The issue here is: the system need to start "experiments"; in most cases it is not allowed to use one eMail bigger as 10 MB. So the system would need to check how many pdfs could be" part" of the ZIP. Which clearly decreases performance etc. But at the end we could sent more pdf in one file. At least in the generate part i would assume that it should be possible to change WWI format to pdf and then ZIP in one run. Any feedback on these ideas/questions/topics?