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Nov 06, 2016 at 08:53 AM

Zipping raw reports


Dear all

based on thread "Using WWI Compression and Report Distribution / ZIPPING:" and looking on online help:: SAP Library - Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) I am not sure if i understood the process to use RC1_REPORT_TO_ZIP. This is my question: In DMS (or archive) we have entries for raw report in DRAW etc. The link to DRAW is established in ESTDH. Now we can use the "zip" algorithm. What I can see in code is:report is report: transformed and written back. But i did not get the story for the final step. Somethere (in Draw etc.) we have "WWI" as the "file" type. Now if we have the "zip" format to what i can see it seems to "just" overwrite the existing entry in ESTDH, Draw etc. But now we have "ZIP" fily type. How does that work? And what happens to "old" WWI file in DRAW? Is it deleted? Or is the story more as: if file is zipped a new entry in "ESTDH" is cretaed (as well in Draw( referring to a "zip" file? On top: this question: we have "released" reports and "historic" reports. The "ZIP" story makes sense for" old" historic reports. But what will happen in CG54? I still assume that you can see the "historic" report. What will happen if you "click" on it? will the file be downloaded, passed on to local WWI, unzipped, and the algorithm is started for final report generation on your local WWI? And next question: if i check online help: this is stated: Compress Report Bodies During Generation If you use WWI compression, all newly generated reports are stored as compressed documents in Document Management. The process by which you create or generate new reports is not affected by this in any way. What does this mean now? Interpretation: as soon as the report is there (at least in status "Ready for release") it will be a "compressed" file. Is this really a useful approach? We need this report for report distribution. If any report distribution would then need to "unzip" to be able to generate the "final report" you will clearly loose a lot of WWI performance. the" Pro" might be that your DMS entries are clearly smaller. (rtf filwa need lot of memory; same as pdf) To make it short. Any body out there who still used this approach as explained in online help? C.B.