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May 17, 2018 at 10:07 PM

Editable Custom Fields in EWM on /scwn/prdi


I have created a custom Function Group/screen and implemented BADI

/SCWM/EX_DLV_UI_SCREEN (for the items) . I have appended

/SCDL/DLV_ITEM to include the fields. I have the EWM Architecture and Programming book and implemented per the instructions. The field shows up in the ALV Grid and in the form display but it is read only. Debugging shows that the PBO turns off all customer fields from being editable in the form. How can I make these editable. In the custom PBO, I loop at screen and force them on but prdi doesn't pick up changes etc... and it's not a pretty solution.

The underlying issue is that there are characteristics values on the batch that are required in the ERP system and the replication will fail if they are not maintained. Ideally I'd like to require some of the characteristic values directly in PRDI and take them directly to the AUSP table (Much like the SAP Delivered Shelf Life Expiration Date does)/