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Dec 08, 2008 at 05:54 AM

Webdynpro Iview Refresh as F5 through WD Code


I have Iview having links as,



Application is designed as each module as individual component being called or embeded in MAIN Component.

It is found there are 5 records exists in sap bapi output.

a) 2 records were added through "ADD" component.

b) User is navigated to REMOVE component. Before trying to remove it is found only 5 records as initially.

But with the above ADD operation there should be 7 records (5 old + 2 recently added).

But if the user REFRESH the browser after ADD operation


browser refresh by F5 button


Click the "Iview" hyperlink in Detailed Navigation in Enterprise Portal


as per above scenerio in REMOVE before removal it is showing 7 records in BAPI output.

We haved added all code related to

1. "REFRESH" - view.refereh() in wdModify of all the defult Indexviews of each component

for "MAIN", "ADD" and "REMOVE".

For these views we have also set "When_visiable" property for the index/default views of these


2. "Context"

Model Nodes: invalidation code for Model nodes input and output

we have invalidated all input and output model nodes.

3, Controller Context RESET.

There is code to reset the context for all individul view and component controllers in

onPLug if each Component index/default views.

We are using Standard BAPI's as Funtion Modules.

In WD code it is reviwed context is cleared at appropriate places.

We need suggestion in which direction we need to analyse for problem resolution.