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Dec 08, 2008 at 02:54 AM

Behavior - Price Information by Purchasing Organisation


Hi! I have put in 2 entries in the price information table for an item A. They are:

LB POrg Amt Currency PBQty PBUoM

1 9500 15 NZD 1 Each

1 9000 10 NZD 1 Each

I then log in to SRM as a user with POrg 9000 and click on the Shop transaction and on the MDM catalog link. In the MDM catalog, when I list item A on the List View, the item is not available for adding to the shopping cart. If I click on the description of the item to bring me to the Item View, I can see the 2 pricing data and have to pick one of them by clicking on the Action button. If I click the item with Porg 9500, on the preview sceen the item will show the pricing tied to POrg 9500, i.e. $5. This is clearly wrong. I then try to delete the pricing record for POrg 9000, MDM will open up the item on the List View screen and will take the pricing that is tied to POrg 9500 even though my id is tied to POrg 9000. So to me, the system does not seem to take into consideration the POrg for price determination. It is taking the first record in the price information table.

Is this how the standard system behaves or have I missed out any settings?

One other thing is, if I go to the Context view, I can add shopping cart and the system will take the price that is tied to POrg 9500, i.e. $15. This cements my guess that the system is taking the first record in the pricing table.

The price scale (by quantity) works so far but it's with the POrg that it is not working.

Appreciate if someone can provide some insights to this.