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May 22, 2018 at 12:43 AM

Unable to connect WebIDE to oData Provisionig


I am unable to pull in oData provisioning services in the WebIDE full stack edition.

I've provisioning oData provisioning and can successfully view the metadata document.

I created a destination in my SCP account pointing to the oData provisioning and the connection is successful.

In the WebIDE, by creating a project from a template, I click on Service URL - my ODP destination appears. I'm prompted to enter the relative URL to my service: /odata/SAP/Z_MYSERVICE;v=1 and click on 'Test'. undefined undefined appears and I cannot get past it. No logs appear in Troubleshooting within oData provisioning or the WebIDE logs.

I was able to do this step successfully in my trial account, but now on our productive tenant it does not work. Any ideas?