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Dec 06, 2008 at 10:15 AM




This is manish.I hope u will suggest & place on right path.The problem is as follows-


1) During archiving the inforecord ,as we know we have to apply deletion flag first

2) Then by me17 we can create archieve file (i.e new variant to create & save it)

3) then date & spool request

4) And execute - we got messege " a new archieve job has been scheduled"

Now we can use trans. SARA to delete that data.When i gave object name & click on "delete" tab

Adelete prog. screen appears.Now wheni moves to archieve selection "" there is no file presents on the screen"" so i am unable to pick the job for deletion.

Can anybody tell why this occuring? Also

is there any step is missing?

BB) Can we made archieving procedure by the 1)me17 & 2)SARA ? for material,bom,inforecords ?

because as i think the procedure for all data archieving is same.Or there is seprate procedure for respective data?

Hoping reply earlier.

Thanking you


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