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May 21, 2018 at 03:20 PM

What is the way to creating accounting documents in SAP/ECC from SAP/TDF?


Hi experts! I need to create a accounting document in SAP/ECC, but my routine is being executed in SAP/TDF. My installation of the SAP/ECC is S4H. I knew about these objects: Accounting Posting - Post FI documents to SAP ERP. TMFFIPostingPostSyncIn /TMF/CL_TMFFIPOSTING_POST_SYNC Accounting Posting - Reverse the posting of FI documents in SAP ERP TMFFIReversalPostSyncIn /TMF/CL_TMFFIREVERSAL_POST_SYN But I didn't find anything about them in Developer´s Guide or others documents in the I would like to confirm the way with you. Thank you very much. Regards, Adriana Medeiros