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May 21, 2018 at 11:48 AM

WPT: 3040 - Auto WT Creation from Workcenter to Goods Issue Area


As per business requirement, for outbound process we have configured POSC (basically 3 steps Pick, Pack and Stage. Warehouse does the operation in 2 ways

Operation 1: Operator do pick and pack via RF, complete pack via workcenter by "Complete Process Step for HU" - Auto WT created to move the stock from Workcenter to GI Area with WPT 3070 since HU is available in workcenter

Operation 2: Operator only picks via RF, create new HU in workcenter and move the stock to workcenter by drag and drop in workcenter screen. Internal mvt WT is created with WTP 3040 and stock moves from 8030 to 8030. Can't use "Complete Process Step for HU" button for HU's created manually in workcenter because its not relevant to storage processes.

Facing problem in operation 2. We require WT to be created from 8030 to 9020 for all the newly created HU's in workcenter. Ideally after internal mvt WT (3040), auto WT has to be created to move the stock from 8030 to 9020 since HU is available with reference to delivery