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May 21, 2018 at 03:37 AM

Multiple entries from DMEE Output


Dear All,

In the DMEE Structure, which has been created by us, the details are getting shown in one line separated by ‘@’. The INV line indicates the reference line which contains the free flowing text.

Here, we were able to generate the Invoice details in that line, but we also need to include the Email address details in next line, please guide us on how to proceed with it, as we tried several options, but the function module (which pulls up the email addresses) was not getting accessed when assigned to subsequent level. Even if the invoice details line & email address lines are interchanged, same problem persists, that the subsequent line does not get accessed as well as how to pass a table through DME Exit (Function module).

So, the requirement is to create multiple lines for all email ids maintained in vendor master, and the DMEE exit provides just single output paramater (O_VALUE).

Please advise on the same.

The output requirement (in txt file) is as per below attachment.


Thanks in advance.


dmee.txt (611 B)