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testFPLService can't find Qunit FIle

I am writing a system that consists of eight (8) applications. I am trying to put together Unit and Integration tests since I believe that once the applications are in the hands of the end users, there will be some fixes, and possibly some improvements, too. Since there are so many applications, the unit and integrations tests will help prevent me from breaking the code.

I thought the process would be as simple as adding the unit and integration folders under the webapp/test folder, and then making sure the structure for the Qunit files is the same as for the application, i.e., if I’m testing a formatter, I would add a unit/model folder, and then a file called formatter.js. When I add that using the wizard it apparently alters the original formatter.js with a reference to the Qunit formatter.js (see below)…

When I run the testFPLService.html (does this replace the qunittest.html that I see in the tutorials and developers guide?) I get a 404 when it tries to find the Qunit formatter.js (shown below).

But the file webapp/test/unit/model/formatter.js is there (see below). Has anyone seen something like that before?

By the way, I checked that the testFPLService file has the right namespaces (see below)

test-run-404.png (419.0 kB)
files.png (99.6 kB)
testfplservice.png (310.8 kB)
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