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Dec 05, 2008 at 09:05 AM

SDM: Cleanup of old SCA's (SDM root directory keeps growing)



I was wondering is somebody in this community has found a way to keep the SDM directory in check ?

We use a lot of development / test systems and are keeping them up to date with SPS releases.

As such, the SDM root directory now has several GB. It contains now over 10 versions of the same component.

If one could easily cleanup the older BASE-J2EE components (especially adobe) then it would not grow as such. The base-components are always complete, so there is no need to keep the older versions.

I've searched help, oss and sdn but did not find any solution for it.

As one way to reduce it, i've created a script to recreate the whole SDN root from scratch, but it is not optimal.