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How to allocate more free memory to Lumira Server on BI platform?

Im trying to tune my BI Platform 4.2 running Lumira 1.31 Add-on.

All my Lumira documents are running HANA Live data connections and so I'm thinking my BI Platform and Lumira Performance should be very fast. But I find sometimes it takes a long time for a Lumira document to load. I looked into monitoring and found LumiraServer Free Memory is only 440 MB while no users are active. when 1 user opens 1 document it drops to 370 MB. There is no change in Lumira Server Maximum Memory 10084 MB. Why is the free memory so low but the maximum memory is so high, even when nothing is being done?

I found some tuning options here: But there is not much documentation how to add these and what they do.



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