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May 17, 2018 at 05:15 PM

How to debug an Agentry java custom jar file in Eclipse?


Hello community

Today I want to asked them which is right way to configure JVM parameters in SMP 3.0 to debug my java agentry custom jar file.

In a post I found a recommendation which suggested put below lines in jvm section in props.ini file, so I did make it and restart the server



When it finished, I inmediately launched a remote debugging from my local pc, I put Connection Standard Socket Attach Type, hostname and port.

I gotten success and eclipse was connected to server's jvm and I could see all task running asynchronuous, then I put breakpoints and sysout prints at the beginning of my methods. I have done references to BAPI and Handler and Objects classes in Notification on workmanager but don't get any thread take my breakpoints when I work out with Notifications.

In my research for resolving these problem, another post said me that will use server and suspend's jvm's parameters previously configured.

Here put the post for your review


server=y,suspend=n, it does work correctly but don't entry my breakpoints

server=y,suspend=y, only work when I connect remotely to server jvm and continue its execution

server=n,suspend=n, it doesn't work at all even don't start SAP SMP service

server=n,suspend=y, it doesn't work at all even don't start SAP SMP service

Even I placed breakpoints in workmanager jar's classes waiting enter some method where it is currently falling but don't get any result.

Can anyone said me how I might caught a thread?

It might be something that I doing wrong?

Surely I not considering some step or avoiding something in settings.