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May 17, 2018 at 01:38 PM

XML generated with different prefix for the same namespace

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We have a standard WS in two systems that have different SAP version.

We have a custom program to generate a XML with a transformation. (same code in both systems)

In the system with the latest sap version the XML is generated like this:

And in the old one:

As you can see these three nodes are generated with same namespace but the last one has different prefix only in the old system.


This is a problem because another standard program is expecting this three nodes with the same prefix. And it's returning an error in the old system only.

Code copied from the standard report:

mv_header_ns_prefix ':Cabecera/'                 
mv_header_ns_prefix ':Titular/'                 
mv_header_ns_prefix ':NIF'                 
INTO iv_value_name.

"... it's looking for a node like this "n1:Cabecera/n1:Titular/n1:NIF"

lo_xml->parse_xstring( EXPORTING stream = iv_xml ).
lo_xml->find_node( EXPORTING name = iv_value_name
                           RECEIVING node = lo_node ).


Do you know if we can do something to generate the XML properly?

I dont have much experience with WS so any clue would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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