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Dec 05, 2008 at 02:05 AM

Slow Speed when posting AP Invoices


hello everyone,

SAP B1 acts really slow when posting an AP invoice (any vendor, any type). This does not reflect any other document types including AR invoices. They all work fine.

By "slow" I mean that sometimes the system stalls for about 10 minutes before the invoice is posted. This obviously affects all other users.

it's not machine-dependent. Meaning it happens whether we do it on the server or on any client machine. Hence, it's not a networking issue.

I am puzzled as to why this would happen to only 1 type of document in SAP.

Please give me some input on what I can check.

Here's some details: SAP runs on a 4GB RAM server. There are normally 3-5 concurrent users connected. Database size is roughly 6-7GB (with one year of historical transactions).

thank you