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Dec 04, 2008 at 04:11 PM

SRM-MDM: Configurable Sales Package price 0


Hi all,

We're on SRM-MDM 2.0 ( In short, the issue is that the header item price of a Configurable Sales Package is not calculated / not showing in the SRM-MDM Webdynpro Search UI, and is not transferred to the Shopping Cart (shown as '0' in the SC). Details below...

We create a Configurable Sales Package in MDM Data Manager in the following way:

1. Create parent/child relationships between one parent (header) item and several children items.

2. Specify Item Type of the parent item as "Configurable Sales Package".

When we find the parent item in the SRM-MDM Search UI:

- the parent item price is not displayed;

- the component item prices are not displayed;

When we click "Recalculate header price", nothing happens: the parent price remains '0'.

When we transfer the parent item to the SRM Shopping Cart, the parent and all the children items appear in the SC with '0' prices.

We experimented with some other Item Types for the parent ("Fixed Sales Package", "Bill of Materials"), and these other ones are working as described in SAP documentation. The problem only occurs with the "Configurable Sales Package".

Are we missing something in terms of setup, or is this a bug?