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Dec 04, 2008 at 03:46 PM

FAGLL03 vendor code LIFNR



In FAGLL03, vendor field (LIFNR) is available but it is empty. In order to have value for such field, I have modified the customizing: financial accounting --> general ledger accounting --> master data --> G/L accounts --> Line Items --> Define special fields for line item display. In such table I have specified BSEG - LIFNR as an special field.

I did such customizing in our devolopment (test) system (DSA) and everything was ok. When I run FAGLL03, I can see the vendor field and with the correct value. Afterwards, I transported such customizing to our test system (TSA) and then to our production system (PSA). But in both systems the result was not the same as in our DSA system. The problem was that in FAGLL03, after transporting the changes in customizing, vendor code was not available, the field had disappeared.

I wrote an oss note and they have answered me telling:

"I compared and I found the reason for different behaviour in DSA and PSA:

Please analyze the activation log of the relevant structure for FAGLL03


Call transaction SE11 and enter the relevant structure in the 'Data

type' field:


Display the structure.

Then, choose Utilities -> Activation Log.

Under DSA you can find

Activate table FAGLPOSYEXT (VAALL001/02.12.08/12:33)

Field name U_LIFNR can be provided in this system. Please do not use.!! Table FAGLPOSYEXT was activated successfully

Field name U_LIFNR can be provided in this system. Please do not use.

Message no. DT283


The field with the name you selected can be included in a later system

delivery, for example with an upgrade. In this case your field would be

overwritten with the attributes of the delivered field, which might

result in a conversion.

System Response

The table is not activated if its name is in the producer namespace. It

is activated with warnings if its name is in the recipient namespace.


Use a field in the namespace you were allcoated.

You did a modification that has been overwritten.

By standard design:

The G/L Line Item List contains a selection of Standard Fields from

table BSIS. Vendor Name is not a field in this table. The Special Fieldsthat can be included in the Display Variant come from tables BKPF, BSEC,BSED, BSEG, PAYR, BSEGC and BSBV.

In table BSEG, Vendor Number (BSEG-LIFNR) is only stored in the Vendor

Line Item, not in the G/L Line Item. FAGLL03 cannot display the Vendor

data, since it selects only the G/L Line Items. "

I do not understand all the answer, but I know that I should not have done such customizing, and I do not know who can I rollback my customizing. I would like to go back to the beginning, I would like to have the vendor available and empty as it was at te beginning. I have erased the BSEG-LIFNR from the special fields in DSA and I have transported it to TSA. But after doing that two vendors appeared in FAGLL03 in TSA (one empty as it was at the beginning and the other one shows an error saying that now is not an special field or something like that). I have put again BSEG-LIFNR as special field directly in TSA and vendor disappeared again, then I have erased it in TSA and now it seems to be as it was at the beginning (the field is available and empty). I do not kwow if it is correct to transport to PSA the special fields with vendor erased or not... ¿What should I do? ¿Should I have to erase the BSEG-LIFNR from special fields directly in PSA, should I transport the changes from TSA to PSA to erase BSEG-LIFNR from special fields? ¿If I erase it, am I going to have problems in the future? I am really awared because I do not know if what I have done is going to give us problems in the future with systems upgrades for example...

Thank you really very much,