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Former Member
Dec 04, 2008 at 02:33 PM

Dialog Instance Install


Hey guys, I have installed a new dialog instance on my development system. It was easy and went smoothly, but I am not able to sign onto the 000 or 001 clients with SAP* or DDIC users. I tried PASS, Pass, pass, 07061992, 19920706 for the passwords and none of them worked. I was able to lock the SAP* user in client 001 because of too many failed attempts so I at least know that it is there, but could not do that on the 000 client. I ran the sql command to delete the SAP* user from client 000, restarted the new dialog instance, but still no luck.

So my question is, there is nothing in the sql command that specifies the instance, so how does it know which 000 client to delete the sap* user from since both dialog and central instances use the same R3SIDDATA and kernel? Also, what passwords should I have used to logon with SAP* and DDIC on this new instance?